Welcome to my blog! As you read through my posts, my hope is that you will feel as if you are in Chile and are able to learn more about Latin American culture through my words. I will be living in Chile until the end of June with my host family, las Guardias. I have a Chilean Mama (mom), abuelita (grandmother), and hermano (brother).  While I am in Chile, I will be taking classes at la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.  I also plan to travel and go on excursions with my study abroad organization.

Bienvenidos a mis aventuras! Welcome to my adventures!

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Buenos tardes! Good evening! This past week has been quite the adventure here in Chile! Last Saturday, I experienced my first big earthquake in Chile. It registered as a 5.9 magnitude quake!  It was an incredibly amazing, yet terrifying experience! Thankfully, I was at home and my host mom was quick to make sure everything … Continue reading Earthquakes!

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